My priorities for Richmond
A healthy, safe, just and sustainable Richmond

 Richmond-wide priority areas

•  Stop foreclosures on homeowners, prevent renters' evictions, and support small businesses 

• End Chevron’s Pollution and Tax Evasion

• Build a Community Hospital for Richmond

• Build affordable housing while preserving the  neighborhoods' character

• Create a healthy sustainable Point Molate 

Keep residential property taxes down and fix the streets

• Develop and implement a Richmond Green New Deal

• Promote democratic participation in solutions

District 5-South Richmond priority areas

• Comprehensive clean-up of the toxic Zeneca site in the Annex

• Fight crime with support for small business and  healthy jobs  

• Support all residents threatened with eviction, 
particularly the elderly

• Assist schools to achieve education equity during  and after COVID19

• Assist the elderly and others to connect more during COVID19 and end the digital divide

• Defend Immigrant rights and stand up to ICE and the Feds.

• Improve district parks including Booker T. Anderson Park, JFK Park and other playlots throughout the district.

• Support and work with the EBRPD on Bay Trail and Pt. Isabel Dog Park maintenance and improvements, including shoreline resiliency concerns

• Assist with priority attention the needs of the district communities of Crescent Park, Monterey Pines, Arbors Apartments, Cypress Pines, Friendship Manor, and Richmond Village (formerly Easter Hill).

• Preserve and support the rights of District residents to an environment free of pollution, noise and other emissions from industry located near their residences.


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