Organizations Endorsing Gayle McLaughlin for Richmond City Council 2020

The Richmond Progressive Alliance
The California Progressive Alliance
Democratic Socialists of America
East Bay
The  Sierra Club
National Union of Healthcare Workers (NUHW)
The Green Party of Contra Costa
Our Revolution Contra Costa
Idle No More S. Francisco Bay Area
Save Our Point Molate
Richmond Southeast Shoreline Area Community Advisory Group (Zeneca CAG)
Marina Bay Residents for a Healthy Environment
Sunflower Alliance
Lift Up Contra Costa Action (LUCCA)
ACCE Action
SEIU 1021
IFPTE Local 21
The Working Families Party
East Bay Working Families
ATU Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1555
350 Bay Area Action
APEN Action
Communities for a Better Environment Action
Bay Rising Action
Our Revolution East Bay
California Nurses Association (CNA)
United Teachers of Richmond (UTR)
Our Revolution National
The Action PAC/ Grassroots Law
United Native Americans


Dolores Huerta says:

" I endorse Gaye McLaughlin for Richmond City Council. Gayle is an experienced community organizer and civic leaderwho has proven that every moment is an organizing opportunity, every person a potential activist, every minute a chance to change the world. We are so in need of leaders like Gayle. Si se puede con Gayle!"  Dolores Huerta

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Tom Ammiano says:

"As I've said before It’s not about votes or vetos, it’s about building movements, and Gayle McLaughlin is indeed a movement-builder. She co-founded and led the Richmond Progressive Alliance (RPA) and the California Progressive Alliance (CPA), organizing and mobilizing for the transformation of Richmond and California. She successfully challenged Chevron's corporate control over Richmond, she protected immigrants against ICE and stood against the big banks in support of homeowners facing foreclosure, and she was a principal signer of Richmond's rent control law. She stands with all who suffer injustice and oppression including the unhoused, the LGBTQ community, and the BLM and police reform movement. Gayle is the person Richmond needs for these difficult days. She builds community and grows the movement for change. I endorse Gayle for Richmond City Council. Vote for Gayle! ~

Tom Ammiano, Past President of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors from 1998 to 2002. Member of the California State Assembly from 2008 to 2014 

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Who is endorsed by Gayle?

I only endorse corporate-free Progressive candidates who deserve endorsement. For Richmond I endorse: MELVIN WILLIS, for City Council District 1 CLAUDIA JIMENEZ for City Council District 6 I also endorse NORMAN LAFORCE for the East Bay Regional Park District District 1

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Ballot Recommendations by Gayle

I support and recommend

Yes on Proposition 15: Provides between $6.5 billion to$11.5 billion in new funding to local governments and schools, community colleges and local government services by changing tax assessment of commercial and industrial property only.

Yes on Proposition 16: Helps to fix some historical social and economic inequities by allowing diversity as a factor in public employment, education and contracting decisions.

Yes on Proposition 17: Restores voting rights upon completion of prison term to persons who have been disqualified from voting while serving a prison term.

Yes on Proposition 18: Allows 17-years-olds to vote in primary if they will turn 18 by general election time.

Yes on Proposition 21 Allows local governments to establish rent control on residential properties over 15 years old and allows local limits on rate increases to differ from statewide limit.

Yes on Proposition 23 Defends appropriate healthcare by requiring a physician, nurse practitioner or physician assistant on site during dialysis treatment. Prohibits clinics from reducing services without state approval. Prohibits clinics from refusing to treat patients based on payment source.

Yes on Proposition 25 Upholds contested legislation which replaces money bail with a system based on public safety and flight risk.

Yes on Measure U City of Richmond Amends the City's business tax to charge businesses 0.06% to 5.00% of gross receipts, and other ratesas stated, with the highest rates on cannabis, firearm and the biggest businesses, providing approximately $9.5 million annually to the City’s General Fund to maintain quality of life in Richmond by continuing certain City services, including 911 emergency response, pothole/street repair, homeless/youth services and other general services, until ended by voters.

Yes on Contra Costa County Measure X Levies a ½ cent sales tax, exempting food sales, providing an estimated $81,000,000 annually for 20 years that the State cannot take, requiring fiscal accountability, with funds intended to keep Contra Costa’s regional hospital open and staffed; fund community health centers; provide timely fire and emergency response; support crucial safety-net services; invest in early childhood services; protect vulnerable populations; and for other essential county services. Yes to Norman La Force for East Bay Regional Park District Ward 1, Director -

I recommend NO on these two:

No on Proposition 20  Limits access to parole program established for non-violent offenders who havecompleted the full term of their primary offense by eliminating eligibility for certain offenses.

No on Proposition 22 Classifies app-based drivers as "independent contractors" instead of"employees" exempting app-based transportation and delivery companies from providing employee benefits to certain drivers.    

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