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Together with other progressive leaders and the community mobilization, I

• Increased the local minimum wage to $15 by the end of 2018

• Passed the first Fair Rent Control and Just Cause for Eviction law in 30 years in California to protect RIchmond renters and homeowners

• Reduced homicides by 75% in eight years as Mayor – and crime in general – by promoting community policing and community mobilization against crime; created the Office of Neighborhood Safety (ONS) while promoting a reform-minded chief of police

• Defeated Chevron’s $3.5 million attempt to buy local elections

• Defended immigrant rights and the city’s sanctuary status, ended drivers’ license checkpoints and created a municipal identification for all people residing in Richmond who wanted an ID

• Redefined Chevron’s city tax ($114 million additional taxes in 15 years) and its environmental obligations

• Filed a lawsuit against Chevron for its abuses and damages to Richmond residents

• Promoted a plan to keep homeowners in their homes and neighborhoods stable by appropriating ‘underwater’ mortgages from banks using City eminent domain powers (Richmond CARES)

• Increased powers of the Citizens Police Review Commission

• Rejected an urban casino in Richmond and preserved the North Richmond shoreline from bad development

• Promoted Community Choice Aggregation electricity for Richmond, by which currently 85% of residents and businesses get greener and less expensive electricity

• Promoted solidarity and the development of worker cooperatives 

• Ended the local criminalization of the homeless

• Affirmed and defended LGBTQ rights and equality for all in Richmond

• Defended City employees and their union, SEIU 1021

• Implemented safe return policies for residents returning from incarceration

• Opposed the expansion of local jails

• Defended public schools, opposed the expansion of charter schools

• Opposed the Patriot Act, militarism, wars and U.S. acts of economic aggression and embargoes against foreign countries

• Created a nationally-acclaimed green jobs training program, leading the Bay Area in solar installations per capita (2010)

• Advanced a local Climate Action Plan, a moratorium on pesticide use, a green building ordinance, a plastic bag ban, a Styrofoam ban, bicycle paths and cultural activities  



 • 2016 “Millie Award, Leadership in the fight to pass rent control and just cause for eviction” from the Tenant Lawyer Network- a project of Tenants Together

• 2015 “Phil Burton Badge of Courage for Protecting Democracy and the Environment from Corporate Pollution” from the Sierra Club

• 2015 “13th Annual Human Rights Award: Democracy”, from Human Agenda

• 2015 “Building Strength California Gala Honor, in Supporting The Innovative Richmond CARES Programs and Standing Up Against Corporate Greed”, from ACCE Institute and the Center for Popular Democracy

• 2014 “Day of Peace Award of Appreciation” from San Quentin State Prison

• 2013 “Award for Excellent Leadership” Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment,

• 2013 “Best Politician Against All Odds” from East Bay Express

• 2011 “Homeless Advocacy in Action Award” from Saffron Strand,

• 2009 “Solar Champion Award Leading Solar City” from Environment California

• 2008 “Contribution to Environmental Justice Award” from Communities for a Better Environment